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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Discount Fee for service Dental Plan?

All Carpenter members and their families who have lost their dental benefits are eligible for the Discount Fee for Service Dental Plan.

What does it cost to join the Discount Fee for Service Dental Plan?

There is no fee to join the Discount Fee for Service Dental Plan.

What providers accept these discount fees?

All dentists listed on this site will accept these fees.

Where do we send our claim forms?

There are no claims to be filed. You pay the dentist according to the fees listed on the discount fee schedule.



Please remember that this is a dental discount plan. You are responsible for any and all charges incurred by you and/or your dependents. The Fund will not reimburse you or your dentist for any of these charges. Please discount your treatment plan and charges with your dentist prior to starting any work. It is important to understand that the Fund does not recommend or endorse any dentists. You should exercise the same care and apply the same criteria in selecting a participating dentist that you would when selecting a non-participating dentist.